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Research Prices/Information.

Need help researching your Family's history in Yorkshire?

We have been researching our family history since 1998, much of it in Yorkshire, although our family trees are setting their roots worldwide.

Having used professional researchers ourselves in the past, we know what it is like to need help.

Now, however we are available to work for you, using both our own experience of research, and experience of using paid researchers ourselves. Our aim is to offer the highest standard of research while keeping charges to a minimum.

Paying someone to research for you is undoubtedly a luxury, and you want to get as much information for your money as possible. Before requesting a quote you need to think about what kind of information you are looking for. We need to know brief details of what you have already, but you also need to tell us exactly what you hope to get out of any research we do for you. 

You may only be interested in your own ancestor, but not his brothers or sisters. Alternatively, you might want to know as much about your ancestors close relations - brothers, sisters, their spouses and children etc as possible.

When your research is done and paid for, you will receive a typed report which will explain what documents we searched, what information we found, and if appropriate, suggest where you can look next. The results of your research will be sent on a floppy disk or CD, unless you prefer paper copies. If you have a PC, then the floppy format would be best as you will be able to copy & paste much of the information straight into your own files. Paper copies of any documents will be sent along with your disk.

Payment details:

We currently charge £10. per hour whilst researching. Plus out of pocket expenses to cover the costs of travel; document fees and other incidentals. These will be charged at cost price and receipts provided where possible.

A deposit of £32 will be required prior to commencement of your research. This is our minimum charge but will be deducted from the total should this be more. Unfortunately this is a consequence of one unscrupulous customer leaving us out of pocket by over £100!

You will receive an invoice when your research is completed, confirming how many hours research work was undertaken, and the payment due. Details of how to pay can be found below. (You can of course state a limit you are prepared to pay if your research funds are limited)

How to pay

We accept payment from the UK either by cheque or postal order. Due to a heavy workload we are only taking enquiries from the UK for the time being.

Has this answered all your questions?

If not, then please ask more questions! Send an email to Family History 4 All

If yes, then please email with details of your requirements for a quote to Family History 4 All 

There is an alternative to paid research - DIY! An annual subscription to is a little over £60, (at the time of writing this) which is just over £1 per week. www.Ancestry.co.uk have an enormous amount of records online and are adding to it continuously. With a subscription to www.Ancestry.co.uk ; the advice on this web site and membership of your nearest Family History Society, you can become an expert in a very short time indeed.

Thank you for visiting! Hope to hear from you soon.

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The following three books by: George Redmonds - GR Books, are an excellent addition to your bookshelf, if you are researching in Yorkshire. Having met George at a recent 'Family History Society' monthly meeting, where he was giving a talk, I was surprised to find that his mother was an 'Ackroyd' (My surname). 'Ackroyd' appears in the 'Halifax & District' edition. Jim, editor.

Yorkshire Surnames: Bradford and District Price -£2.70

Yorkshire Surnames: Huddersfield and... Price -£2.70

Yorkshire Surnames: Halifax and District Price -£3.60

 (Prices correct at time of publication on this site)


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